Are you looking to book Matt Colman to perform some world-class magic at your Christmas Party? Please get in contact as soon as possible – key dates are filling up faster than usual.

We’ve been doing a little work on the blog and we have accidentally deleted a huge chunk of posts from the past 5 years. Bare with us as we try to restore them.

I’ve gotten into a terrible habit of not keeping my blog fresh with updates – I say it every year, but this year I’ll try to post a new update at least once a year!

It’s been a great 2014 – working at some incredible venues, including a few places that I have dreamed of working for years!

As usual, I’ve traveled the length and breadth of the country for trade shows, corporate events, and beautiful weddings. And as usual, updates to this blog have been sparse!

I’ve been road testing some new ideas that over the next few months will find a permanent place in my repertoire, I’m really excited as the process of evolving an act is time-consuming, but so rewarding. Becoming stale is the enemy of any live act, new routines inject freshness for both myself and the audience.

Bookings are now coming in thick and fast for 2015, and I’ve just finished off the last few January corporate Christmas parties, unusually, not a piece of tinsel in sight.

Cheap magicians are always cheap for a reason. It can such a gamble – here’s an idea of what a cheap magic act might be like!…

I had a great time performing over Christmas – I didn’t do any January Christmas Parties this year, so they might have declined in popularity!

Been a great few months to kick off the year, performing across the North West and the Midlands. Some really great feedback I’ve added to the testimonials and I’m looking forward to attending all the functions in the coming months.

As always there are many repeat bookings, so there will be a few new things that I can’t wait to show!

If you are looking to hire me for your wedding over July and August, please get in touch ASAP as dates are quickly filling up for wedding season.

There is a flurry of magicians buying fake testimonials and reviews from places like FIVERR, yes literally playing $5 for a fake testimonial of their services. So far I’ve seen entrepreneurial Canadians, Americans and Germans armed with a video cam and script provided by a UK Magician, and uploading their cringe-worthy efforts onto youtube as if it were genuine. It’s not only pathetic – it’s an insult to customers intelligence.

Please stop, or you will be named and shamed.

It’s not long now until Christmas party mania kicks off – later this year I’m performing close up magic / table magic for  Xmas parties in Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and London. With only so many parties I can attend please make sure you book early!

For more information on Close Up Magic / Table Magic or Mind Reading Shows for Christmas parties in England – please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I recently performed at the Law Societies’ annual ball at Liverpool Cathedral. It’s a fantastic venue and the Law Society where great fun  — the close-up magic received a fantastic response. A massive thank you for the photographs taken by Mathew Phillips. Mathew is a super Liverpool based photographer, to hire Mathew for your wedding or party you can email him at

You can read more about Liverpool Magician here

Southport Magician

Matt Colman – Magician at Vincent Hotel, Southport 2011

I recently performed my close up magic at Southport’s luxurious Vincent hotel for a 30th Birthday party, as you will see in the following pictures the guests are being delightfully deceived, wowed and bamboozled, these pictures really are worth a thousand words.

As you can tell from the photographs, the magic went down a storm and was enjoyed by all the guests. These pictures were taken by Southport based photography company Imageroom studios please see Mal and the team at Imageroom are some of the finest photographers I’ve ever worked with, because those moments of pure astonishment, where the body and mind cannot explain what it has just seen, responds to this with awe, shock, pleasure, delight, laughing and clapping; and these are the most vital moments of any magic performance, during the close up magic at the Vincent that night, Imageroom studios perfectly captured the guests reactions. That is, by no means an easy feat! Mal has a beautiful eagle eye for detail that is shown in the above photographs. I can’t recommend the Southport based photographers Imageroom studios enough, not only do they do photography for parties and other special events they also do wedding photography, portraits and much more, head over to their website to find out more, and tell them Matt Colman sent you.