Born towards to end of the eighties in a seaside town, Matt Colman, like many children was enthralled with the world of mystery and magic…

It wasn’t long before fascination became a reality after receiving a Paul Daniel’s magic set for his 5th birthday he could always be found with one of the props in his hand, or the magic wand tucked away in his school bag.

Showing much promise, Matt was the youngest ever member admitted the following Magic Circles; Southport Magic Circle, the Merseyside Junior Magic Circle and the Liverpool Magic Circle, due to the committees being enamoured with his talents. Eventually, Matt was storming the annual competitions winning first place awards for both his close-up magic, and stage performances.

Always eager to show off his talents, was performing all over his local area by the age of ten. By 14 he had two regular residencies, one at a local restaurant and the other at a hotel performing every Saturday – and he’d already had two TV appearances under his belt. By the age of 16, Matt had won many awards for his talent, from his magician peers and at various national talent competitions.

After finishing education he left England to work at the House of Illusion in Spain. During his years here he has worked as various capacities as a compare, comedy magician, mind reader, bar/table/close up magician, consultant and manager. The House of Illusion has been voted in the top ten attractions in Europe! Between these years he’s also kept a busy schedule performing across the UK, Spain, U.S.A, France, and Germany.

In 2007 Matt helped to create England’s only Magic Bar – Illusions Magic Bar in Bristol, as the Head Magician and main performer. Illusions raised the bar for entertainment and nightlife standards in Bristol – It’s now one of the most talked about and successful entertainment bars in the country. It was crowned Entertainment Pub of the Year. Mark Bennett and Slyvie Dagallier said:

“Matt Colman performed for Illusions Magic Bar back in 2007 and was one of our first magicians. This is to thank you for your time you spent at Illusions Magic Bar back in 2007, the opening night was of great success. Myself and Sylvie would like to wish you all the success for the future as we can see that your skills as a magician are very good. A talent for the future.”

In 2008 he toured across the beautiful country of Ireland, with fellow Mind Reader Peter Carroll, which was followed by the Irish Star after correctly predicting the newspaper headlines in 2007. Also in 2008, Matt returned to the House of Illusion where the House of Illusion moved to a brand new venue due to the overwhelming public demand for tickets. Rodney James Piper, the owner and creator of the House of Illusion said :

“Matt was a great help at the start of this new project and contributed many ideas as well as being a fantastic performer.”

Matt has racked up more performing hours than most magicians ever will in their lifetime.

At this moment in time, Matt is fast becoming booked up for 2023, and is already taking booking for 2024/2025 (and beyond!) For Corporate Events, Weddings, and Private parties with his unequalled magical services.

Matt is also a magical consultant, author and creator for magicians. His books and manuscripts often fetch a high price due to their underground nature and limited print runs.

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