Last week I was performing my close up magic for a beautiful wedding, at the exquisite wedding venue Inglewood Manor in Cheshire. Here’s what the wedding couple had to say:

Thank you very much for adding a different dimension to our day!!!
Lots of our guests commented how fantastic the magic was!!!!
You had us all enthralled and captivated by your skill!
We had a truly magical day!! Many thanks once again
Kind regards
Faye and Andrew
10 Feb 2012

Southport Magician

Matt Colman – Magician at Vincent Hotel, Southport 2011

I recently performed my close up magic at Southport’s luxurious Vincent hotel for a 30th Birthday party, as you will see in the following pictures the guests are being delightfully deceived, wowed and bamboozled, these pictures really are worth a thousand words.

As you can tell from the photographs, the magic went down a storm and was enjoyed by all the guests. These pictures were taken by Southport based photography company Imageroom studios please see Mal and the team at Imageroom are some of the finest photographers I’ve ever worked with, because those moments of pure astonishment, where the body and mind cannot explain what it has just seen, responds to this with awe, shock, pleasure, delight, laughing and clapping; and these are the most vital moments of any magic performance, during the close up magic at the Vincent that night, Imageroom studios perfectly captured the guests reactions. That is, by no means an easy feat! Mal has a beautiful eagle eye for detail that is shown in the above photographs. I can’t recommend the Southport based photographers Imageroom studios enough, not only do they do photography for parties and other special events they also do wedding photography, portraits and much more, head over to their website to find out more, and tell them Matt Colman sent you.

henley festival magician

I’ve just completed five days of performing at the Henley Festival, entertaining hundreds and hundreds of wonderful people, including celebrities, millionaires, and top CEOs; my performances have been wrote up by local and national papers including the Daily Express.

The events headlining acts were, Tom Jones,  Jools Holland, Alexandra Burke and others. I was based on the Water Pavilion, a boat/bar showcasing the exquisite cocktails made from Patrón Spirits, and upstairs, a tapas restaurant where you could sample Spanish dishes from La Bodega. Whilst guests enjoyed cocktails, champagne and tapas they where treated to my close up magic, which went down extremely well; as did the food and drink!  The feedback has been terrific and i’ve never got through so many business cards in such a short amount of time!

Matt Colman at the Henley Festival 2011

Matt Colman at the Henley Festival 2011


A massive thank you to for providing the wonderful photographs. I highly recommend the instantpix photo company for fantastic photos and service.

Over the years i’ve done quite a few close-up magic / table magic and mind reading performances for Liverpool University, last night I did the annual summer ball for the Liverpool Veterinary University Society (LUVS). It’s always a pleasure, the guests and students are both appreciative and and great fun to work with. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, and the reception was held in the gardens of Chester’s Queen Hotel, it was the first outside reception i’ve done this year, and with the weather warming up hopefully the first of many. Once again thank you for inviting me to another great event, and look forward to doing more events with Liverpool University in the future.

Many people ask me why I don’t go on Britain’s got talent – truth is as I’m sure you are aware, the tv show (much like every
reality show) is edited in such away they can make you look like a nationwide joke. Some great acts have suffered from producers / editors Frankenstein representations of performances. Combine that with slick editing and mismatching audience and judges comments and reactions and you can potentially damage your reputation and career. Some people have done well from Britain’s got talent, it is a huge gamble, and one that I am not willing to take. On the other hand – some people are genuinely rubbish. Take Robert from the BBC’s ‘Believe it or Not’ for example – don’t worry – we aren’t all as bad as him.

If you can handle it – there is more.

Not made an entry in a little while – just finished 5 weeks performing in Spain – had a great time performing for holiday makers, currently writing a brand new show for 2011…watch this space!

the fox and goose southportMatt Colman Magician Live at the Herald Pub Southport

On the 26th of April, it will be a great big birthday bonanza at the Herald pub in Southport! It’s Dan’s birthday bash and I’ll be there from 5 pm onwards performing my close up magic and table magic, its free entry and its guaranteed to be a fantastic night of great magic, top music, and brilliant atmosphere.

If you ever though Sunday nights were a little too relaxing for your taste – come down to the Herald pub on the 26th for a magical early evening!

The above photo was taken by Southport’s Master of the Action shots, Mr. Nick Hill from digitalreflex- if you are looking for a photographer in Southport – Nick is a great guy to deal with and highly recommended. I popped in the Herald the other night for a casual magic performance – I think it went down a treat!

the fox and goose southportI’ll be doing a public show this month, a part of my mind reading show in my home-town of Southport on Friday 26th of March, as part of Sa-Da-Ko’s new video launch.

The event is called the Dark Carnival and promises to be a extravagant night of Metal Bands, variety acts, fire stunts and much more. It starts at 8pm.

The Fox and Goose on Cable Street in Southport. I will be trying out a few new things to possibly put into the new Mind Reading show for 2010 – so should be very interesting!

I would suggest bringing ear muffs if heavy metal music isn’t your cup of tea!

March is a brilliant month – although I maybe a little biased as I do have my birthday in March! Lots of new things are happening this month, I’ve already started compiling effects for my second magic book which will be released later on in the year, I’m working on a DVD for magicians and have started writing new stand-up comedy material for the comedy clubs.

This week I’m off to Bristol, to visit my old haunts. It’s hard to believe its been three years this year that I helped to create Illusions Magic Bar in Clifton. I met so many great people, and fantastic magicians that I like to try and visit at least once a year for a catch up.

When magicians get together and start playing around with card tricks and coin tricks it is known as a “Session” strangely enough. I’m looking forward to “sessioning” in Bristol, Also my best friend who is living in Bristol at the moment has bought me tickets to watch Derren Brown for my birthday, I’ve never had the pleasure of watching Derren Brown live as i’ve always been out of the country performing or too busy to go catch him on his tour – I’m looking forward to seeing his latest instalment.

All the Christmas parties are out of the way, and now the new year can now get started properly for myself.

From February to April is when I start working on brand new things for 2010, I’ve got some new mind reading routines that are being road tested as we speak, and plenty of new close up magic that i’ve been working on.  As I get many repeat bookings each year, I like to expand the repertoire so that my regular clients never see the same show twice. Many magicians will do the same tried and tested things year in and year out, which is great – however as a booker you might think of hiring somebody else next time you require a close up magic or table magician – as you feel you’ve already seen what they do. I take pride in extensively pushing the boundaries of what I do so that every year the material is even stronger than the year before. Some things get retired or re-worked, others stay where they are, and the new items that get put in truly get better each year!

I’ve got lots of side projects and concepts that are being developed this year – I look forward to revealing more details of each throughout on coming months…