March is a brilliant month – although I maybe a little biased as I do have my birthday in March! Lots of new things are happening this month, I’ve already started compiling effects for my second magic book which will be released later on in the year, I’m working on a DVD for magicians and have started writing new stand-up comedy material for the comedy clubs.

This week I’m off to Bristol, to visit my old haunts. It’s hard to believe its been three years this year that I helped to create Illusions Magic Bar in Clifton. I met so many great people, and fantastic magicians that I like to try and visit at least once a year for a catch up.

When magicians get together and start playing around with card tricks and coin tricks it is known as a “Session” strangely enough. I’m looking forward to “sessioning” in Bristol, Also my best friend who is living in Bristol at the moment has bought me tickets to watch Derren Brown for my birthday, I’ve never had the pleasure of watching Derren Brown live as i’ve always been out of the country performing or too busy to go catch him on his tour – I’m looking forward to seeing his latest instalment.